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Welcome to Magpie Yoga, a one of a kind Yoga Studio located on the historic square in Lamar, Missouri. We have teamed up with Metta Movement to combine traditional and modern methodologies to promote marked improvements in your physical and mental wellbeing. Explore our site to learn more about us, our classes, and our schedule. Join us at Magpie Yoga today and experience the positive changes that a bit of mindfulness can make.



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A dynamic breath-focused practice that utilizes sun salutations to link sequences of poses. Vinyasa flow creates strength, heat, flexibility, and mental focus. Previous Yoga experience recommended.


An introduction to the fundamentals of Yoga flow through breath and movement. 


A breath-focused practice that utilizes sun salutations to link sequences of poses. Classes are slower paced than traditional Vinyasa and all levels are welcome to join!


About Crystal

The path less traveled

I began my Yoga journey in Kirkcaldy, Scotland in 2015. From day one I fell in love with the practice and knew this love needed to be shared with everyone. I attended Sacred Roots Teacher Training in Reno, Nevada where I obtained my RYT 200 hour certification in 2018. As a perpetual student, I plan to continue my education with Trauma Informed and Restorative Yoga in the future. 

In my classes, I love to combine creative sequencing with a little bit of fun to help students deepen and appreciate their personal practice. My hope is that each student leaves practice feeling refreshed, relaxed, and educated on the beautiful art of Yoga.  

I grew up in the sweet state of Kentucky and have lived all over the world with my husband and little family. Outside of my Yoga practice, I love to read, stitch, drink coffee, and travel. 


Hello Beautiful

A Magpie is a member of the Corvidae bird family. They are one of the most intelligent birds in the world and the only non-mammal to recognize themselves in the mirror.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. 




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